Handicap/ADA Portable Restrooms

there are various types of handicap-accessible portable toilets available for rental such as standard, deluxe, and luxury models

ADA-compliant restrooms are designed to meet the needs of individuals with wheelchairs, and they can make a big difference in providing equal access to everyone at your event or construction site. With spacious interiors, extra-wide doorways, and built-in ramps, our ADA handicap portable restrooms allow easy access for people with limited mobility. These units feature nonslip flooring, lower toilet seats, and accessible sinks for individuals with disabilities and are compliant with the guidelines outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, our handicap portable toilets are the ideal solution for people with walkers and families with strollers.

When you rent portable toilets from us, we deliver as soon as you need it, and we keep your bathrooms stocked and clean for the duration of your event. We'll design a service plan based on your needs to ensure that you offer the highest-quality restroom facilities to your guests. Our commitment to quality extends to all types of portable restrooms. No matter where you're located, you can make your site more compliant and inclusive with our ADA/handicap restrooms. Call us today to find out more about the types of portable toilets we provide and how you can meet ADA requirements at your venue.